Small Business – Online Marketing to Your Local Customers

For so long, people have thought of the internet as a means to reach a global market. For many businesses this has meant a great deal of growth, however, you should not rule out marketing to your local community through your website. Many ask why they should market locally online when all they have to do is run an ad in the newspaper to reach that same market.

The truth is that newspapers have lost their appeal to anyone who is internet savvy. And those numbers are growing at an alarming rate. All you have to do is look at newspaper distribution numbers to know they are not doing well these days. To reach your local market, you must now be online. There once was a time when people looked a business up in the Yellow Pages if they wanted to find a local florist or restaurant. Not anymore. Now they reach for their Blackberry or Smart Phone and have that info at their fingertips within seconds.

If your business is not online, you are losing business to those who are. Local marketing online is even more important now than global marketing is. Your business cannot afford to drag it’s heals any longer. Although economic times has been the cause of some businesses not fairing very well, lack of staying in line with the times has been the main reason for many others.

A good number of businesses are prospering because they are being found online. Is your business one of them? If you have not put up a business website yet, you absolutely must. But you must have more than just a website, you must have an online presence, meaning people must be able to find your website.

Don’t make the mistake of having an “if you build it they will come” attitude. That simply is not true. You must advertise your online business the same as you must advertise your store. The good thing is that many of the methods you can use to bring customers to your website are free or low cost and have the ability to reach a much larger audience. That means a bigger return on investment.

An experienced marketing service can be a very cost effective way to get your online presence established and get more customers through the doors of your business. Marketing to your local audience is different than marketing to the world in general. There are special ways to build your website that give you a better chance of reaching your local customers.

Don’t waste your money on methods that no longer work. You must go where your customers are, and these days, your customers are online.