Online Business – Online Marketing And Relationship Building

My previous post, I was explaining on how to apply elearning for your online business. I will be sharing in more detail on each of the field list in my previous blog on “Applying Elearning Into Your Online Business.”

The first one is on “Online Business”

Elearning can assist you to promote and market your product or services in a more organized and structured manner. When you are selling information product you need to constantly update your subscribers. However, your subscribers may not read them as often as you might taught of because they might subscribe to many other providers or newsletters . Hence, elearningcommunity provides a repository for you to manage and organized your content properly. When the content is hosted here, you can email the subscribers of the updates and direct them to get the information from this repository. It’s just like logging into their email inbox and check out the content updates. They can even subscribe to RSS your content from the ELC.

Besides that, the communication, forum, chat, email and other tools provided in this platform allow you to build rapport and improve the relationship with your clients and subscribers. The relationship building with your existing customers and subscribers is always the top priority in any business. Hence, you need to work it out to provide the feed to your customers and subscribers.