Home Based Business – Online Marketing Made Simple For You

The Internet is the modern day Gold Mine with an onslaught of eager individuals trying to get their share of the Mother Lode while they still can. Yep, its the Internet Gold Rush. Where a lot of money can be made and lost in the blink of an eye. Where many of men, women, the elderly and even some children, from all nationalities, religions and races are all logging on to the net to try to get their hand in that Pot-o-Gold.

While many will become successful from this venture, the vast majority will undoubtedly walk away discouraged and empty handed. But for those who stick it out and hang in there, well then those will go to become the next wave of newly founded Millionaires.

So now do you have it, the fever that is, the GOLD FEVER! Well if you don’t have that desire and passion like the forty-niners during the Gold Rush had, then your probably pursuing the wrong thing.

Starting your own business is similar to just how they felt in 1849 pursuing their dreams of finding the Mother Lode. Not having much more than the clothes on their backs they headed for the hills to face Mother Natures untamed and unexplored wilderness. But yet they still trekked on regardless the dangers because they had a dream and really nothing to lose except maybe their ego.

Basically what I am trying to say is that the Internet is a virtual Gold Mine. And in order to tap into the Mother Lode you need to have the passion, desire and heart to get to the main Gold Vein where the real money is. Without it your just wasting your time.

No one said it would be easy and no one will just hand it over to you. So what do you do? You do as the prospectors did and learn all you can from those that have been there and then get out there and put what you learned to the test. Yes, not everything will work so you move on to something new until you find what does work.

The key is don’t give up and stay focused on your goals and desires. Because just when you are about to give in to the failure monster and there seems to be no way to make it all come together. A light will go on in your head and you will suddenly discover the secret within which you had all along. You’ll know it when it happens because you will start seeing every thing around you as a way to create income whether it be small or large.

Small Business Online Marketing – Use Your Current Knowledge To Become An Expert In Your Field

Are you in business locally and want to grow your business using the internet? One of the best ways to do that is to become known as an expert in your area of business. Now many of you have been in your industry for many years. You are an expert already, you know an incredible amount of information about your business. The problem is that no one on the internet knows that. You need a way to show that you are an expert online so that you can get more business. Here are some ways to become an expert.

Write articles about your topic and submit them to the top article directories online. When you do this your articles will be found by people using Google to search for your topic. Your article will contain what is called a resource box which will link back to your website so that people interested in more information can find you easily.

Do interviews about your topic of expertise. Places like Blog Talk Radio offer you the chance to host your own live radio show. Have a co-worker or a friend sit down with you and record an interview. You can provide them with a list of questions to ask you. Since it is a recorded thing you can do as many takes as you need to get it just right. Then post the audio on your website or blog, tell people about it on Facebook and Twitter. People who are interviewed are seen as people who are experts in a field. Just having interviews available on your site brings up your credibility a great deal.

If you don’t like to write and you don’t want to spend the time to create recorded interviews there is an easier method to become an expert on the internet. You can have a blog in which all the articles are written for you by someone else. There are sites out there like Elance and others which you can hire ghost writers to write articles, special reports, and e-books on your topic. Typically you will pay $10 or so for an article. You will be able to proof the article and make any changes that you want prior to having it posted to your blog. For a very small investment every month you could have one article a week appearing on your blog.

Becoming an expert online is the key to being successful at drawing online business into your offline store or service business. The more you are seen as an expert online the more likely it is that people will choose you to do business with over your competitors. If you believe that marketing on the internet is the way of the future, then invest now in the process of becoming an expert. It will reap an exponential benefit for years to come.

Your Business On Google – What Are Backlinks And How Do They Help In Small Business Online Marketing

Do you want your blog to rise to the top of the search engines? Well I think that is something that we all want isn’t it? There are a lot of ways to do this but one of the best ways is to build good backlinks to your site. What are back links and how do they work? Well I am glad you asked because today I am going to tell you exactly that!

Backlinks are nothing more than inbound links to a particular site. What I mean is that they are a link to your site from someone else’s site. The number of people who link to you is considered very important by the search engines. Search engines in general are looking for fresh relevant content. When they see that lots of other sites found your site important enough to link to, they figure you must be fresh and relevant.

Backlinks not only give your site relevancy in the eyes of the search engine, but they also give your site one more avenue to find visitors. The sites that link to you are a portal so to speak sending traffic your way through the link. The more of these you have out there obviously the more traffic you can expect.

So what do you do if you are a brand new site and no one is knocking down your door to backlink you. Well this is very common and luckily there is an answer. Sites like Squidoo and HubPages offer places that you can make easy to build content sites of information that backlink to your site. With these sites you can put up a little information and a link to your site. You have killed two birds with one stone. You have created, yet another place on the web people can find info about your product or service and you have established a backlink.

Using backlinks used to be the only means of movement on the net prior to search engines. When we couldn’t search all we could do was “surf” from one site to the next based on the links they gave us. Now backlinks are used primarily for search engine optimization.

Getting Started on the Internet With Your Own Profitable Business – Online Marketing For Newbies

Getting started online with a profitable business will require that you get some training. I have found the step by step approach to be best, so that I know exactly where to begin and what to do next. Working on the Internet is unlike anything we have ever done in the past, no matter what type of job or career you were working with before deciding to come online.

Starting a blog based on your niche is the first step, once you have chosen a niche to work in. I recommend choosing something that you have an interest in so that it will be more interesting. Think about the areas you are knowledgeable about and have an interest in, and then search for information on this topic to see if there are already products for sale. You will want at least some competition so that there will be a market for whatever you decide to sell.

Setting up an optin page and a mini-site will come next. No one uses a full website any more, so that will save you both time and money. Now you must learn how to be a successful marketer, and how to stay organized as you continue to build your business.

Before you take the time to create your own product, try learning how this all works by using affiliate marketing as your business model. As an affiliate you will be recommending the products and services you have used and benefited from yourself, so your personal recommendation will make a huge difference to those you are helping online.