Small Business Online Marketing – The Importance of Internal Links For a Business Website

When you set out to improve the rank of your small business website, inbound links are at the top of the list of important considerations. While this rule applies to any website, small business sites are often positioned in less competitive markets and require fewer links than an e-commerce site or an affiliate site. Nonetheless, small business websites require a fair number of links to grab a substantial spot on the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It’s important to understand the “thinking” of the search engines, which favors both internal and external links. Internal links are generated page-to-page within a website; external links are located outside the realm of a website and link to it. You have total control over internal links, so it is fairly easy to increase their numbers by building more pages within the site.

The idea of creating more pages to increase the number of internal links generally results in panic for most small business owners. They fear what they assume is a complicated process when, in fact, it’s pretty simple: The quickest way to increase internal links is with a blog.

And while the notion of blogging might at first put you off, it too is a fairly straightforward process. Start by setting up the blog. (I like WordPress.) Write about your industry. Think of tips, tricks and money-saving ideas to share in daily blog posts. You may even be able to delegate the task to someone in the organization who has a flair for writing.

Follow industry news and keep track of related events and developments, and then prepare short summaries to serve as your blog posts. Add your own thoughts and take-aways to the copy and in no time, you’ll have a new Web page brimming with fresh, relevant content.

Keep a running list of ideas for blog entries. Jot down ideas in a small notebook or make quick memos in your phone. These flashes will come to you throughout the day and late into the evening, so be ready to make a quick note.

Maintain a regular schedule for the blog posts. Create articles that are around 250 words (readers are more than willing to take on 250 words) and post new articles on the same days each week. If you post four times a week, you will create 16 pages of new content each month. In no time at all, you’ll see substantial growth in the number of pages. In two months, you’ll have nearly fifty pages of new, unique content.

Depending on your typing skills, four new blog entries each week should take sixty to ninety minutes. Be sure to add links in the posts to your Web pages that you want to rank. Your website will grow, links will increase and you’ll move up in the search engine rankings. In short order, the entire process will become a matter of habit and you’ll out distance the local competition in no time.

How to Get Your Local Business Online?

Internet has changed the way a business is transacted all over the world. Business today, local, regional, national or international has got more nimble, faster and more innovative. The traditional ways of doing business are paving the way for the novel ways of business transaction.

Business in any specific locality has been impacted positively because of the internet revolution. Local business, which previously had a slow and steady start and a step by step progress to increasing revenues are now increasing revenues faster through simultaneous and smarter promotions. Business in local level marketing strategies has been based on online strategies predominantly.

Let us now take a look at how to take your local business online and discuss the strategies of local business online marketing and its impact on your business.

First, any fledgling business needs customers based on which it can thrive. Hence, a local business must first look at promoting itself to the maximum extent so that the potential customers come to know about the business. So, the business must first devise strategies of promotion.

Second, internet has the power to quickly promote your business across a region and among a wider section of the population. Internet has the power to promote your business at many people at the same time of the day. This can spread the word about your business at a rapid pace.

Third, the search engines have immense power to take your business online. First, find out the names of the search engines that you want to enlist your business with. You can take a survey on the number of people that access these search engines. The more reputed a search engine is, the higher is the possibility of your business getting noticed.

Fourth, start a website for your business. Ensure that the website is good looking graphically and excellent from usability perspective. You can also think of giving the potential customers an opportunity to buy stuff online, as a part of your local business internet marketing.

Fifth, do some intelligent Search Engine Optimization on your website and get it enlisted with the Search Engines. This will make your website more visible and your business more known across localities.

Sixth, think of collaborating with multiple websites so that these websites can carry the ads of our business. This is a great way of taking your local business online. Hence, you know how to market your business online. You can think of placing banners and pop ups on the other websites which will be great for popularizing your local business.

However, the above steps might not guarantee results at a rapid pace and you need to be patient.

The Principles of Small Business Online Marketing

Many people view online business as being something totally different than the old style small business that existed in the pre-internet days. This can be a serious mistake. The truth is that the general principles of business have not changed. They remain the same regardless of the vast amount of technology that is now available to us. It has always been important to generate traffic, for example. The need for advertising and the necessity of making it easy for your customers to spend their money with you are just as vital to the online business as to the little country store of 50 years ago.

Professional web designers are aware of this important fact. It is their job to adapt these time honored business principles to the technology that has opened up a new and global market place. In the old days, one of the important principles of small business was expressed as location, location, location! On the internet, location is expressed as search engine ranking.

The problem with the internet is its vast size. The number of websites is mind boggling, and if your company is providing a specific service in a specific location, its site will be lost in that immensity unless you can direct customers to it. For example, if you are running a mortgage company in Utah, a Utah web design will be necessary. It will not help you much to have people in China viewing your website. The idea of proper Utah internet marketing and mortgage website marketing will be to direct customers to your site that are both in and near Utah and interested in mortgages.

The search engine is the device that provides this direction. It is a process known as SEO, or search engine optimization that allows the major search engines to find and rank your companies site. SEO is the advertising mode of the online business. The method is different and new, but the principle has remained constant.

The need to ease the customers’ way to spend their money is a function of proper web design also. This idea is known as being “user friendly.” The website becomes your sales force. It must act as a salesman would act by answering questions, directing customers to the right products, and closing the sale. The well trained salesman could increase sales in the old style business and it the same way a properly designed website can do the same thing. Once again, the principle has remained the same. It is only the method of applying the principles that has changed.

Build an Internet Business – Online Marketing Secrets and How a Newbie Saw the Light

I had been out of internet marketing for a couple years; I had kept only 3 internet marketers on my email lists. One was Jeanette Cates, I was again thinking about how perfect internet marketing was for me and my circumstances and what should appear but an email from Jeanette saying she and Connie Green were doing a seminar in Las Vegas and putting an entire program together when you attended. Bingo here it was everything done for me simply a matter of using it, I can do this!

I attended the seminar, it was a small group (great for me) only a few of us and true to their word I came out of this with a complete internet package, a sales letter, an optin page, a blog, a thank you letter and connected to all the resources to make my sales site work. Awesome, yet it was the longest, hardest and most frustrating 4 days of my life. I was so lost, beyond lost. Now I have studied all of this info over the past two years, been to wonderful trainings and yet I set there completely and totally lost. Yes I knew and understood many things, but I could not put all the pieces together, because I did not have a good background in the things I needed to know before I could even be considered a newbie.

One of the biggest tips I can give to anyone who is wanting a business on the internet, make sure you understand the basics of how internet marketing works and learn from teachers that will take the time to walk you step-by-step through the process and answer your questions.

As you know if you have been investigating this industry for even a short time there is an unlimited amount of information on how to make money online. As most of us have experience much of it is not well done and often leads to confusion and failure because it is very difficult to do and understand.

I was lucky enough to find two of the best online instructors in the industry. They each teach a little different, one is very technical that would be Dr. Jeanette Cates (very smart lady) has been on the internet over 14 years and it shows, amazing programs.

The other is Connie Ragen Green, (a super affiliate, that is the person everyone wants to have promote their stuff) an ex-school teacher, an author and has been successfully marketing online for many years. She teaches like I learn, give me the basics and build from there, with a lot of questions and answers along the way.

You do not have to be alone in the process of starting an internet business. Learn the basics and grow your business from there.