Build an Internet Business – Online Marketing Secrets and How a Newbie Saw the Light

I had been out of internet marketing for a couple years; I had kept only 3 internet marketers on my email lists. One was Jeanette Cates, I was again thinking about how perfect internet marketing was for me and my circumstances and what should appear but an email from Jeanette saying she and Connie Green were doing a seminar in Las Vegas and putting an entire program together when you attended. Bingo here it was everything done for me simply a matter of using it, I can do this!

I attended the seminar, it was a small group (great for me) only a few of us and true to their word I came out of this with a complete internet package, a sales letter, an optin page, a blog, a thank you letter and connected to all the resources to make my sales site work. Awesome, yet it was the longest, hardest and most frustrating 4 days of my life. I was so lost, beyond lost. Now I have studied all of this info over the past two years, been to wonderful trainings and yet I set there completely and totally lost. Yes I knew and understood many things, but I could not put all the pieces together, because I did not have a good background in the things I needed to know before I could even be considered a newbie.

One of the biggest tips I can give to anyone who is wanting a business on the internet, make sure you understand the basics of how internet marketing works and learn from teachers that will take the time to walk you step-by-step through the process and answer your questions.

As you know if you have been investigating this industry for even a short time there is an unlimited amount of information on how to make money online. As most of us have experience much of it is not well done and often leads to confusion and failure because it is very difficult to do and understand.

I was lucky enough to find two of the best online instructors in the industry. They each teach a little different, one is very technical that would be Dr. Jeanette Cates (very smart lady) has been on the internet over 14 years and it shows, amazing programs.

The other is Connie Ragen Green, (a super affiliate, that is the person everyone wants to have promote their stuff) an ex-school teacher, an author and has been successfully marketing online for many years. She teaches like I learn, give me the basics and build from there, with a lot of questions and answers along the way.

You do not have to be alone in the process of starting an internet business. Learn the basics and grow your business from there.