6 Steps To Create An Online Marketing Plan For Law Firms

The world wide web has become the primary source of information for all kinds of users. This makes it necessary to have an online marketing plan for law firms. Most people looking for legal assistance use the internet to find out relevant information. The log on to the web to not only look for possible solutions to a legal issue but also to search for suitable lawyers. In the absence of an effective law firm internet marketing strategy, it is nearly impossible to get in front of relevant audiences. In this post, we will discuss how can you create a plan to promote your law firm in the digital space.

1. Identify Why Do You Need The Plan

The first step is to identify why do you need the plan. Most attorneys will answer that they require it to get more clients. However, this is just a broad objective and you need to list down specific goals for your strategy. Let’s say you run a startup law firm. Then your objectives can be to establish your agency as an authoritative entity in the domain. You will be looking to generate more leads from new business owners. At the same time, you will also want to increase your marketing leads i.e website visitors, social media followers, etc.

2. Define Measurable And Unmeasurable Goals

Lawyers need to divide their goals into two groups namely, measurable and unmeasurable objectives. This is necessary for gauging the effectiveness of their strategy. An increase in website visitors is an example of a quantifiable goal. You can set a target of increasing website traffic by a certain percentage within a defined time period. Similarly, the number of new clients gathered over a specified period is also a measurable objective. However, establishing yourself as an authority in the area of startup law practice can be difficult to quantify.

3. Identify The Key Components Of Your Promotional Strategy

The complete plan for promoting a legal firm among the target audience will include focusing on traditional, as well as, digital marketing channels. However, as we are discussing how to devise an online marketing plan for law firms, we will list the key components of this particular promotional technique. Your website will be the focal point of your entire plan. Its design and content must be aligned with your potential clients’ requirements. Search engine optimization is another vital aspect of digital marketing. Attorneys also need to get active on different social media platforms besides creating profiles on online legal resources. E-mail marketing, video marketing, and paid search and social media advertising are other major elements of a promotional plan.

4. Create A Separate Plan For Each Element

It is essential to create a separate plan for each component of your marketing scheme. You need to know how you are going to use content for SEO purposes. A well-defined plan is also needed for running e-mail marketing and paid advertising campaigns. Lawyers must know the keywords they are targeting in SEO and ad campaigns. They also need to identify the social networks they need to use for connecting with and engaging relevant audiences. List down the steps you need to take for meeting all the separate goals.

5. Select The Tools You Will Require

It is impossible to manually handle a digital marketing campaign. You will require software solutions and other tools to manage everything. Analytics tools will be required to track and monitor all programs. They will give you an exact idea of whether you are achieving your goals or not. Solutions will also be necessary for running automated e-mail marketing and social media campaigns. Attorneys can create all the content they want to mail and then define the triggers for sending the e-mails. Tools will help them auto-schedule the publishing of social media posts.

6. Estimate The Cost Of Executing The Project

Finally, you need to estimate the cots of executing the project. You will need to hire a professional agency for running the SEO program. If your website design needs to be altered, then hiring a professional will add to your project costs. In case, you use paid tools, their subscription will also be included in the expenses. Cost estimation is necessary for making sure that you do not overspend on promotions.


These are the basic steps for creating online marketing for attorneys and law firms. Attorneys must formulate a detailed strategy to successfully explore Internet-based platforms to win more business for their firms.

Online Marketing Trends 2019

Online Marketing Trends keep on changing. You need to have a complete knowledge about the recent trends and techniques of Digital Marketing. As we know that the Digital marketing involves all marketing efforts that use an internet world as marketing tool. These digital marketing trends includes digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with large number of targeted audiences in short time. The number of people who are accessing to the internet is continuously increasing. Infact it can be said that our whole lifestyle is completely affected by this digitalization.

So, your familiarity with the most effective techniques of SEO is really going to affect the ranking of your brand. Here we have discussed all the online marketing techniques. Whether it’s a paid marketing or to appear in organic research. Content in your website plays an important role. So, make sure to write a good piece of copy, which is decently decorated with the keywords who have chosen. You just need to know the audience you want to target. Whereas, in paid marketing you can also take help of the social networking sites which will come under the category of SMM (Social Media Marketing). In another form of paid marketing, the most popular and result oriented is PPC (Pay Per Click). This technique can give you the desired results. Here you just have to set your budget and spend accordingly. Simply, you just have to pay for what you desire. All these seo techniques will give you satisfactory output. Foremost important thing is that you can monitor the whole website’s activity and the traffic. Google Analytics & Google webmaster tools can update you the current status of your website. Interestingly, these are free tools provided by the Google.

Online marketing trends let us know about the trendy things in internet marketing. From the basics of the online marketing technique to the recent updates that has come up to improve the branding ideas. As we have discussed earlier about the On page techniques where the title of the article is very important. It should contain the main keyword of your article. It has the capability to bring the attention of the audience to your services or brand. If we talk about the selection of the keyword, it is also equally important task. Your keyword selection can give you a direct kick off in search engine result page. Later on, in off line promotion these keywords are the base of all the promotional activities on different sites. So, content should be genuine and unique.

Likewise, the overall performance of on page and off page seo technique will let you decide about the marketing ideas. It will give you a complete knowledge about the paid marketing you need to plan for your brand. Once you have started with the paid marketing thing, you will notice the conversion of the visitor of your site instantly. Social networking sites are the best platform regarding approaching to the targeted audience. So, finally I would like to add on that once you are at top or ranking high in search engine page, to maintain that status is what would be called the real task of online marketing.

Build an Internet Business – Online Marketing Secrets and How a Newbie Saw the Light

I had been out of internet marketing for a couple years; I had kept only 3 internet marketers on my email lists. One was Jeanette Cates, I was again thinking about how perfect internet marketing was for me and my circumstances and what should appear but an email from Jeanette saying she and Connie Green were doing a seminar in Las Vegas and putting an entire program together when you attended. Bingo here it was everything done for me simply a matter of using it, I can do this!

I attended the seminar, it was a small group (great for me) only a few of us and true to their word I came out of this with a complete internet package, a sales letter, an optin page, a blog, a thank you letter and connected to all the resources to make my sales site work. Awesome, yet it was the longest, hardest and most frustrating 4 days of my life. I was so lost, beyond lost. Now I have studied all of this info over the past two years, been to wonderful trainings and yet I set there completely and totally lost. Yes I knew and understood many things, but I could not put all the pieces together, because I did not have a good background in the things I needed to know before I could even be considered a newbie.

One of the biggest tips I can give to anyone who is wanting a business on the internet, make sure you understand the basics of how internet marketing works and learn from teachers that will take the time to walk you step-by-step through the process and answer your questions.

As you know if you have been investigating this industry for even a short time there is an unlimited amount of information on how to make money online. As most of us have experience much of it is not well done and often leads to confusion and failure because it is very difficult to do and understand.

I was lucky enough to find two of the best online instructors in the industry. They each teach a little different, one is very technical that would be Dr. Jeanette Cates (very smart lady) has been on the internet over 14 years and it shows, amazing programs.

The other is Connie Ragen Green, (a super affiliate, that is the person everyone wants to have promote their stuff) an ex-school teacher, an author and has been successfully marketing online for many years. She teaches like I learn, give me the basics and build from there, with a lot of questions and answers along the way.

You do not have to be alone in the process of starting an internet business. Learn the basics and grow your business from there.

Online Business – Online Marketing And Relationship Building

My previous post, I was explaining on how to apply elearning for your online business. I will be sharing in more detail on each of the field list in my previous blog on “Applying Elearning Into Your Online Business.”

The first one is on “Online Business”

Elearning can assist you to promote and market your product or services in a more organized and structured manner. When you are selling information product you need to constantly update your subscribers. However, your subscribers may not read them as often as you might taught of because they might subscribe to many other providers or newsletters . Hence, elearningcommunity provides a repository for you to manage and organized your content properly. When the content is hosted here, you can email the subscribers of the updates and direct them to get the information from this repository. It’s just like logging into their email inbox and check out the content updates. They can even subscribe to RSS your content from the ELC.

Besides that, the communication, forum, chat, email and other tools provided in this platform allow you to build rapport and improve the relationship with your clients and subscribers. The relationship building with your existing customers and subscribers is always the top priority in any business. Hence, you need to work it out to provide the feed to your customers and subscribers.